Update re potential DV100k

Yes, we said “potential 100k”.

We will lead by saying that the 50km race will take place as is, as has always been the case. The DV website will be updated this weekend with registration rates and what will be included in registration this year.

The latest on the 100km race distance is that things are tracking well, but it is not yet a foregone conclusion and there is the potential for the 100km race to not be approved in time for our 2017 race launch. We have had mostly positive interactions, but we are up against the clock right now. 

If we are not fully approved by Friday, November 18th at 7am PST, we will forge ahead with the 50km race alone for 2017 and continue to push through a 2018 100km option.

There is about a 50-50 chance that the 100km option will come to fruition, but our big concern is for those who may have decided to focus on the DV100k in place of another 100km race at the same time of year. We will make an official announcement as soon as we know, or by Wednesday, November 16th at the very latest. To those who were leaning towards the DV100k instead of another race, please be aware and please judge your decision accordingly. If your other race option will sell out before we can get final approval, we’d recommend going with your guarantee rather than rolling the dice, and then joining us in 2018.

There are strict parameters that must be met to get approval for the 100km race and in line with these parameters the latest race update is this. The 100km race would potentially start at 6am, with a strict 15.5hr cutoff. The course would not be a true two loops of the 50k course but would feature a few small nuances to meet the necessary regulations. You would run one full 50k loop and one slightly altered, opposite direction loop, IF we get approved.

We really want to keep everything above board and to ensure we don’t disappoint anyone. We are working diligently day in and day out to solve this and as soon as we know, one way or the other, you’ll know.

Thanks for reading and please share with any friends who may have been leaning towards the 100km race option.

Either way, we look forward to seeing everyone out at Sasamat Lake on Saturday, April 8th!

Questions? Please email us at run@ridgelineevents.com