The hand-off……………………

The DV committee of Wendy, Martha, Bruce, Gail and myself are extremely pleased to announce that we are handing the ball to Gary Robbins and Geoff Langford of Ridgeline Events Inc, organizers of Squamish 50 & Coast Mountain Trail Series for 2017 and subsequent years.
It has been a wonderful run but the time is right to turn our event over to one of Canada’s most complete and fastest growing race management teams. The Diez Vista 50km Trail Run will continue under this well established team with the promise of growth, new visions and an ever watchful eye on the history and tradition of this classic event. We wish them good success and dry trails.
We, the committee of the past few years, would sincerely like to thank every single supporter of DV-the volunteer, the runner and the stakeholder – for your ongoing commitment. Without your support and commitment, the DV would simply not be the event it is today. We trust that many of you will throw your selfless efforts behind the new leadership of the event we all love.
Happy Trails,